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HarappaWorld HRP0385-HRP0419

I have been working on a new admixture calculator whenever I have found some time from real life pursuits. However, that's still not ready and I have a lot of submissions. So I am posting the HarappaWorld results for them.

I have added the HarappaWorld Admixture results for HRP0385-HRP0419 to the individual spreadsheet.

Do note that the admixture components do not necessarily represent real ancestral populations. Also, the names I have chosen for the components should be thought of as mnemonics to ease discussion. I chose them based on which populations in my data these components peaked in. They do not tell anything directly about ancestral populations. The best way to look at these admixture results is by comparing individuals and populations. Finally, the standard error estimates on these results can be about 1%. Therefore, it is entirely possible that your 1% exotic admixture result is just noise.

I have not yet now updated the group averages.

I got the first submissions of 23andme v4 data. There's about a 12-13% missing SNP rate of v4 with HarappaWorld. So I don't expect major noise problems, though noise will be higher than for 23andme v3 data.

23andme and FDA

FDA had asked 23andme to stop its direct-to-consumer genetic testing and as a result 23andme has issued the following statement:

After discussion with officials from the Food and Drug Administration today, 23andMe will comply with the FDA's directive and stop offering new consumers access to health-related genetic tests while the company moves forward with the agency's regulatory review processes.

Customers who purchased kits on or after the FDA's warning letter of November 22nd will not have access to health-related results. Those customers will have access to ancestry-related genetic information and their raw data without 23andMe's interpretation of that data. They may receive health-related results in the future, depending on FDA marketing authorization.

Customers who purchased kits before November 22, 2013 will continue to have access to all the reports they've always had.

While I am disappointed at this turn of events, for our project it does not change much since 23andme will still provide raw data downloads as well as ancestry information.

Affiliate Links

As you can see, I now have affiliate links on the sidebar. If you order a test following those links, I get a small amount for referring you.

Right now, I have FTDNA and 23andme listed there.

23andme Now $99

Things have been very busy in meatspace in recent months, but I am finally back.

While the submission of data from new participants has really slowed, the release of new software continues unabated. I hope to try some of them (ALDER, MULTIMIX, ADMIXTOOLS, etc.) out and report anything interesting here.

Another disappointment has been the 1000genomes South Asian data which is still nowhere to be seen.

However, 23andme has reduced its regular price to $99 which should induce some of you to test and participate.

The Genographic Project has finally gotten into autosomal testing. If you are South Asian and have received their Geno 2.0 results, I would be interested in your raw data so that I can check how many SNPs it has in common with HarappaWorld.

23andme $50 Off

23andme has a $50 off coupon sale for three days. Here's the email I got from them:

Visiting family this summer? Are they part of 23andMe? Take advantage of our summer discount: $50 OFF each kit you purchase. This offer expires in 3 days (11:59PM PDT, Sunday August 12, 2012).

To use this code, visit our online store and add an order to your cart. Click "I have a discount code" and enter the code below.

$50 off Discount code: VMQ6KG

My Phased Genome

I released my 23andme raw data last year. Since I had my parents also genotyped, I am now releasing my phased genome.

I haven't done anything with it yet. So if you have any ideas of what use I can put it to, chime in.

Another 23andme Sale

23andme is having another sale till December 31: $23 off per kit (from $99 up front). The code to take advantage of the sale price is TPHG6P.


UPDATE: Here is another link for a $23 discount for 23andme.

23andme Discount and 198

23andme has a discount just for today, according to Twitter and Facebook:

Happy Cyber Monday From 23andMe! Today only $25 Off Our Personal Genome Service®. Offer ends 12pm PST Click Here: bit.ly/uiuxbY

It says it ends at 12pm PST which is at noonmidnight PST on the US west coast. So you'll have to move fast if you want to get it.

Also, Harappa Ancestry Project is just two submissions away from 200 participants.

23andme $50 Off

I got an email from 23andme for a $50 off coupon. The coupon code is YCM48E. So you can use this coupon code to reduce the price of a 23andme test from $99 to $49.

Here's the email:

Want to prove that your parents are to blame for your sleeping-in gene? Or are you simply curious if your best friend is in fact a distant relative, which may explain your mutual love for jellybeans and basset hounds? 23andMe allows you to compare your DNA with friends and family so that you can make fun and interesting discoveries together.

Get your friends and family on board with this $50 coupon. Share it with as many people as you like, but remember that this coupon expires in 7 days (August 9, 2011).

Have fun!

The 23andMe Team

To use this coupon, visit our online store and add an order to your cart. Click "I have a discount code" and enter the code below.

$50 Off

Coupon code: YCM48E

Share with your friends!

(Valid for new customers only)

Again the coupon code is YCM48E for $50 off till August 9, 2011.

Zack's Genome Public

I have released my 23andme version 3 genome into the public domain.

I challenge y'all to find anything interesting about my chromosome 9 (which is 93% homozygous).ragrani.ru

Also, I got my parents' 23andme results last night.