Monthly Archives: May 2014

HarappaWorld HRP0385-HRP0419

I have been working on a new admixture calculator whenever I have found some time from real life pursuits. However, that's still not ready and I have a lot of submissions. So I am posting the HarappaWorld results for them.

I have added the HarappaWorld Admixture results for HRP0385-HRP0419 to the individual spreadsheet.

Do note that the admixture components do not necessarily represent real ancestral populations. Also, the names I have chosen for the components should be thought of as mnemonics to ease discussion. I chose them based on which populations in my data these components peaked in. They do not tell anything directly about ancestral populations. The best way to look at these admixture results is by comparing individuals and populations. Finally, the standard error estimates on these results can be about 1%. Therefore, it is entirely possible that your 1% exotic admixture result is just noise.

I have not yet now updated the group averages.

I got the first submissions of 23andme v4 data. There's about a 12-13% missing SNP rate of v4 with HarappaWorld. So I don't expect major noise problems, though noise will be higher than for 23andme v3 data.