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Burusho Kalash HarappaWorld Admixture

Someone asked for the individual HarappaWorld Admixture results for the Burusho and Kalash from HGDP.

In the chart below as well as in the spreadsheet, the IDs starting with "b" belong to the Burusho and those starting with "k" belong to the Kalash individuals.

You can check the spreadsheet too.

Personal Journey

I have had myself, my wife, my daughter, my parents, and my sister genotyped by 23andme.

From time to time, I explore my personal and family data on my other blog. If you are interested, you can read about it under the Genetics category there.

My latest post is about figuring out how my inbred genome has passed on to my daughter.

Affiliate Links

As you can see, I now have affiliate links on the sidebar. If you order a test following those links, I get a small amount for referring you.

Right now, I have FTDNA and 23andme listed there.