Zack's Genome Public

I have released my 23andme version 3 genome into the public domain.

I challenge y'all to find anything interesting about my chromosome 9 (which is 93% homozygous)

Also, I got my parents' 23andme results last night.


  1. This is nice. I'd be interested in sharing with your parents, Zack (e-mail me their 23andMe usernames and I'll send you an invite @ 23andMe if you're OK with it?). Is either one of them of fully Punjabi ancestry? Any interesting haplogroup results for your dad?

    • AV: They are on my profile. Not sure how sharing would work in this case.

      Both my parents have the Egyptian grandmother.

      My Dad's haplogroups are the same as mine since the Egyptian (maternal) grandmother is a common ancestor.