23andme $50 Off

I got an email from 23andme for a $50 off coupon. The coupon code is YCM48E. So you can use this coupon code to reduce the price of a 23andme test from $99 to $49.

Here's the email:

Want to prove that your parents are to blame for your sleeping-in gene? Or are you simply curious if your best friend is in fact a distant relative, which may explain your mutual love for jellybeans and basset hounds? 23andMe allows you to compare your DNA with friends and family so that you can make fun and interesting discoveries together.

Get your friends and family on board with this $50 coupon. Share it with as many people as you like, but remember that this coupon expires in 7 days (August 9, 2011).

Have fun!

The 23andMe Team

To use this coupon, visit our online store and add an order to your cart. Click "I have a discount code" and enter the code below.

$50 Off

Coupon code: YCM48E

Share with your friends!

(Valid for new customers only)

Again the coupon code is YCM48E for $50 off till August 9, 2011.


  1. Coincidentally (or maybe not incidentally?) I got the same mail, Zack. It isn't the same word-to-word though. I have one question - is the discount coupon (code) valid for only one kit or is the code valid for more than one kit up to the expiry date?

    • I think it was sent out to everyone.

      The email says it can be shared with as many people as you like, so it should work for more than one kit. However, it also says "valid for new customers only", so I am guessing the discount works for only one kit per account.

      • "..so I am guessing the discount works for only one kit per account."

        Great, thanks for the clarification. I'm suggesting it to some distant relatives and friends abroad, so that shouldn't be a problem.

  2. I got a $50 coupon too with the code BG6HQY

  3. I missed the opportunity to use the discount cupon. Is there a new that I may use now.


  4. I neither did receive the same email too… I'm extremely fortunate with this information. …