Ref3 Admixture Dendrograms

I have posted the reference 3 K=11 admixture results for all populations and datasets. Here are the relevant links:

So let's try a dendrogram of all these populations' average admixture results. Instead of using regular Euclidean distance, I used some weighting based on Fst distances between admixture components, very similar to what Palisto did.

Here's a dendrogram of all datasets using complete linkage.

Since the Pan-Asian dataset had only 5,400 SNPs common with reference 3, we need to be careful interpreting the tree above. Just to make sure, here's the dendrogram excluding Pan-Asian populations.


  1. Does the Dendrogram infer that the Kalash have more in common genetically with the Northern Indians? I find it hard to imagine that after centuries of isolation that their makeup is still very comparable to the Northern Indian populations.

    I also am pretty surprised with the Bene Israel and Cochin Jews, I would have assumed that the Cochin would be more proportionate to those in the South than in the North.

    • The Kalash do have a lot in common with the Northwest of the subcontinent.

      As for the two Jewish groups, they have partial Jewish and South Asian ancestry which puts them together.

  2. Harappa Oracle | Harappa Ancestry Project - pingback on March 23, 2012 at 5:25 am
  3. are Sindhi, Pathan and Burusho similar groups.?? its shocking..

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