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150 and 100

The total number of participants has gotten to 150. The Harappa Ancestry Project has been active for a little less than 6 months.sports74.ru

Of these, depending on how you count, we are at about 100 unrelated South Asians.infolio-rg.ru

Sorry for my absence from the comment section and the slow pace of posting. There's a lot of backlog of work and home errands that accumulated during my vacation.


Yesterday, we got to 100 participants in the Harappa Ancestry Project.

I made the project public on January 17, 2011. So, 100 submissions in 106 days. That's pretty good.http://ceoec.ru/

I am surprised at the speed and quantity of submissions. I probably have the largest dataset of South Asians right now.

Keep spreading the word and encouraging everyone to participate.