150 and 100

The total number of participants has gotten to 150. The Harappa Ancestry Project has been active for a little less than 6 months.sports74.ru

Of these, depending on how you count, we are at about 100 unrelated South Asians.infolio-rg.ru

Sorry for my absence from the comment section and the slow pace of posting. There's a lot of backlog of work and home errands that accumulated during my vacation.


  1. oh, i doubt you'll get too much griping. you've accomplished more in 6 months than 60 years of indian population genetics 🙂

  2. Congratulations and Thanks for all the work!

  3. How do you count to come up with a third of your samples are ostensibly related? Agree with Razib's sentiment! You get my vote for the best / most aesthetic presentation of data 🙂

    • I'm curious - are you referring to an ethnic group or something to that effect when you mention this?

  4. Zack,

    Job well done. Will four numerals following HRP be sufficient?!

    Maybe as a next step you could ask participants to withhold their geographical place of origin so that you could place them (a la Doug McDonald) with the data you have.

  5. How do you count to come up with a third of your samples are ostensibly related

    a lot of his samples aren't south asian. that's in that third.

  6. Zack, as always, thank you for your work. The project has definitely shed a lot of light on South Asian genetic demographics and the discussions fueled by the data you put out are very interesting. Also, the new With Ethnicity spreadsheet with the admixture figures entered against the ethnic background of the participant is very useful for reference.

    • Do you mean both sets of data in the same spreadsheet? If so, I must have missed it. Give us a pointer?

      • Harappa Participants Admixture spreadsheet -> look below : First tab = Sheet1 and second tab = With ethnicity -> Click on With Ethnicity tab.

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