Yunusbayev Ref3 Admixture Results

I ran supervised admixture on the Yunusbayev et al dataset from the Caucasus using my reference 3 data to see how the Yunusbayev samples looked in my Ref3 admixture component space.

Here's the spreadsheet for Yunusbayev admixture results. You can compare with the reference 3 results.

Here's our bar chart for Yunusbayev results. Remember you can click on the legend or the table headers to sort.


  1. Hey Zack,

    Vasishta directed me here. I had a question about the Tajik's results. I was attempting to calculate the ANI or West Eurasian ancestry in Tajiks using the linear regression forumla given to me by Vasishta. I think others have used it as well. Although, we've assumed it was South Asian specific, it gave me some seemingly accurate results?

    I calculated around 79% ANI with 5-6% ASI and 13-15% East Eurasian? Is this accurate? It would put them very close to the results of the HGDP Pashtuns from Kurram Valley and the HGDP Kalash.

    Also, take a look at these Dodecad results for Tajiks.

    They are 14.7% East Eurasian (Siberian + NE Asian) and 13% South Asian. I think the East Eurasian ancestry is completely there as they are surrounded by Turkic speakers and have close proximity to Western China. I also contemplating that some of the South Asian ancestry is ASI as Vasishta mentioned them being about 4% Onge.