Admixture (Ref3 K=11) HRP0191-HRP0200

Here are the admixture results using Reference 3 for Harappa participants HRP0191 to HRP0200.

You can see the participant results in a spreadsheet as well as their ethnic breakdowns and the reference population results.

Here's our bar chart and table. Remember you can click on the legend or the table headers to sort.

If the above interactive charts are not working, here's a static bar graph.

HRP0193 is Georgian and has very similar results to HRP0138 and HRP0175.

HRP0200 is Kazakh and is closely related to HRP0089. Thus the difference there (American, Onge & Papuan components) is somewhat interesting, though not high enough to be certain that it's not noise.

HRP0197 and HRP0198 are Somali. HRP0197 pointed out to me that 14S_R1, a Somali in the reference set, was an outlier who was more like East African Bantu (e.g., Luhya) than the other reference Somalis. So in the table below, I have excluded 14S_R1 for the average.

Component RefAverage HRP00197 HRP00198
S Asian 0 2 2
Onge 4 0 1
E Asian 0 1 2
SW Asian 28 33 34
European 0 0 0
Siberian 0 2 1
W African 12 14 13
Papuan 0 0 0
American 0 0 1
San/Pygmy 2 3 2
E African 52 44 43

Interestingly, the two project participants are more Asian than the reference average.


  1. why are some the ethnic backgrounds left out in the new participants?

    • I ask every participant if (s)he would like to make their ethnicity public. Until the participant agrees in reply, that info is not made public.

  2. Congratulations on reaching 200, Zack. Although this seems to be a mostly non-South Asian batch.

  3. HRP0195 has ANI of 60%. It appears to me that this individual is a Muslim with some Arab ancestry based on the fact that he/she has 1% E African admixture.

    I am glad that Zack identified the outlier Somali. I was wondering why Ethiopians had 10% W African while Somalis had 20%. Without the outlier, they are about the same.

  4. Zack,

    It looks like I belong even more than I would have thought. I seem to compare similarly with HRP0149 Romany from England.

    I am HRP0194
    I thought I had given my ethnic breakdown--This is as close as I currently get and please feel free to include:

    2/8 Swedish/Norwegian
    1/8 German
    4/8 English/Irish/Scotch
    1/8 mixed Roma/Portuguese/African/?