Admixture (Ref3 K=11) HRP0151-HRP0160

Here are the admixture results using Reference 3 for Harappa participants HRP0151 to HRP0160.

You can see the participant results in a spreadsheet as well as their ethnic breakdowns and the reference population results.

Here's our bar chart and table. Remember you can click on the legend or the table headers to sort.

If the above interactive charts are not working, here's a static bar graph.

There are several interesting participants here. HRP0151 is a quarter Nepalese and his/her results are actually quite odd. The East Asian ancestry shows up as Native American which is possible. I wonder if the quarter Chinese ancestry is not Han but rather some other Chinese ethnicity.

HRP0155 is Sri Lankan Sinhalese and has a lower Onge component than I expected.

HRP0158 is my Dad and has similar results as me (HRP0001).


  1. HRP151 Chinese origins are: 5 Generations in Fuzhou, Fujian. Family lore states that ancestors came from Tibet, if that helps?

    • Thanks.

      Based on Fujian, the person should be somewhat similar to Southern Han. May be the multiple ancestries are causing the strange Native American percentage.

      • Not to mention the 19% European... quite strange. I think the self-reported ancestry looks somewhat unlikely as well. Perhaps the results are correct and we can work back to possible ancestry from that?

        • I wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet. As for the European component, it could be from Nepali, Punjabi or Filipino ancestry too.

          It might be a good idea to run HRP0151 with the Xing and Pan-Asian datasets.

          • Yes, that should throw the admixture in better relief. I'd be very interested.

          • The self-reported ancestry is fact with documented support. The Chinese and Punjabi originate from the mother's side; the Filipino and Nepali, from the father.

            There are some questions that exist amongst the family with regard to 1)a B2d mtDNA 2)the legend that prior to 5 generations, ancestors came to China from Tibet. The European, albeit completely unknown prior to testing, makes sense since the father's father (paternal line) come from the Philippines and the surname is Spanish. Somewhere there was a European ancestor, we're sure. The biggest question that exists for us is the B2d mtDNA and we were hoping for some sort of explanation/rationale for that.

          • I should also point out that all roads led to Manila. That's where the parents met.

  2. Hi Zack, this is HRP0155 here. How much Onge were you expecting to see? Turns out my admixture is closest to people from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadar's. On Doug McDonalds BGA, my dot was right in the middle of Andhra Pradesh as well.

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