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My Genetic Journey II

While my computer's busy running K=12 admixture on batch 7, K=17 admixture on batch 1, some MClust experiments and converting 1000genomes data from vcf to ped and I am reeling from the pollen count (3,939 yesterday), here are some links to my personal genetics blogging.

For the record, my daughter complains about all the "Trantor windows" open on the computer all the time. She calls the terminal windows "Trantor" because of the shell prompt. My desktop is named Trantor. Now who can guess what my laptop, my other desktop and my wireless network are named?

My Genetic Journey

It all started DNA Day 2010 when Razib tweeted about a $99 sale for the DNA test at 23andme. I ordered one immediately. Over the next few months, a lot of my free time was spent poring over and analyzing my genomic results.

While the health and physical traits information was interesting, I found the ancestry information that can be deduced from your genome to be fascinating. That might be because I was working on collecting together and digitizing our family tree at the time.

So to beat Razib's record of of writing about his personal genome, I have started blogging about mine:

There's much more to come, including: What's wrong with my chromosome 9 and who did I get it from?; my results from Doug McDonald, Dodecad and Eurogenes; why do I have low similarity scores with everyone?; where exactly was my great-grandmother from?; and more.

PS. Since it's Valentine's Day, I should probably mention that my top match among the people (excluding my sibling of course) I am sharing genomes with on 23andme is my dear wife, Amber.