My Genetic Journey

It all started DNA Day 2010 when Razib tweeted about a $99 sale for the DNA test at 23andme. I ordered one immediately. Over the next few months, a lot of my free time was spent poring over and analyzing my genomic results.

While the health and physical traits information was interesting, I found the ancestry information that can be deduced from your genome to be fascinating. That might be because I was working on collecting together and digitizing our family tree at the time.

So to beat Razib's record of of writing about his personal genome, I have started blogging about mine:

There's much more to come, including: What's wrong with my chromosome 9 and who did I get it from?; my results from Doug McDonald, Dodecad and Eurogenes; why do I have low similarity scores with everyone?; where exactly was my great-grandmother from?; and more.

PS. Since it's Valentine's Day, I should probably mention that my top match among the people (excluding my sibling of course) I am sharing genomes with on 23andme is my dear wife, Amber.

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