HarappaWorld HRP0245-HRP0249

I have added the HarappaWorld Admixture results for HRP0245-HRP0249 to the individual spreadsheet.

I have also recomputed the weighted averages for Kurds (from 6 to 10 now).

Do note that the admixture components do not necessarily represent real ancestral populations. Also, the names I have chosen for the components should be thought of as mnemonics to ease discussion. I chose them based on which populations in my data these components peaked in. They do not tell anything directly about ancestral populations. The best way to look at these admixture results is by comparing individuals and populations. Finally, the standard error estimates on these results can be about 1%. Therefore, it is entirely possible that your 1% exotic admixture result is just noise.

Let's look at the Kurdish results from Yunusbayev (prefix: kurd), Xing (prefix: F) and Harappa (prefix: HRP). Do note that the Xing results were computed with a smaller number of SNPs and thus might be noisy.


  1. Hi Zack, thanks for take a look at the Kurdish data and thanks for posting the individual Kurdish results from Yunusbayev and Xing et al. This is great!

    I am a little bit surprised about HRP0209 (Bulgarian), he seems to be very close to Kurds/Iranians. Do you have any explanation for this?

  2. Hi Palisto.

    I think I know who HRP0209, his results are similar to the Kurd from my city the one who seems to have a itendity crisis. I am pretty sure it is him. Zack can even confirm it by comparing his genome to mine HRP0141 and he will notice that we share some recent ancestry.

    • Hi StarDS9, you are right, he is not Bulgarian but Kurdish. He is KD006 at kurdishDNA.blogspot.com

      I compare the results from KD006 here...
      ...with the results of the "Bulgarian" HRP0209 in the Harappa blog...

      The results are identical, thus, the individuals are identical.

      The good thing is that we actually have not 10 but 11 Kurds in the Harappa Ancestry Project.

      • HRP0209 is no doubt the Kurd from my region for some weird,strange reason he gives false ethnic background to projects like Zacks and on Eurogenes but on Dodecad he is known as Kurdish.

        I think Zack should rename him to Kurdish or something else as his not Bulgarian and does not represent those people and gives out false data about Bulgaria.

        Like I have mentioned Zack can check that his Kurdish by comparing HRP0209 Genome to my mine HRP0141 and he will notice we share large segements of ancestry, thus he is Kurdish from Turkey.

      • Also his Y-dna(J2) and mtDNA(J2a1a) on the spreadsheet confirms it is him.