HarappaWorld on GEDmatch

The HarappaWorld Admixture calculator is now available on GEDmatch.

You can compute:

  • Admixture Proportions
  • Admixture Proportions by Chromosome
  • Chromosome Painting
  • Paint differences between 2 kits, 1 chromosome
  • Paint differences between 2 kits, 22 chromosomes, reduced size

You do have to upload your genetic data to GEDmatch to use it.

If you are a Harappa participant and try GEDmatch too, please let me know if there's any difference between your admixture results.

UPDATE: Now you can even get your HarappaWorld Oracle results after getting the admixture results, thanks to John.


  1. Hello Zack,
    In my case, there is no difference between the project results vs results from Gedmatch. The block reduction algorithm is very fast!

    • Same. Most figures as far as DIY vs. GEDmatch are concerned were very close, and some of the components' percentage exact.