Pan-Asian Admixture Results

I ran Reference 3 based supervised ADMIXTURE on the HUGO Pan-Asian dataset. While it used only 5,400 SNPs, it did get me curious about any relationship between Onge and Jehai and Kensiu. Unfortunately, Pan-Asian data doesn't have a good overlap even with Reich et al. So as a first exercise, I decided to run unsupervised ADMIXTURE on the Pan-Asian dataset by itself.

Here are the bar charts for the admixture results. K=12 ancestral components had the lowest cross-validation error.

You can see these results in a spreadsheet too.


  1. Plenty of East-Eurasia centered components, it seems. Would you say that these are legitimate, underlying sub-structures withing East-Eurasians or is it the lack of out-breeding among the groups that certain components are modal in, that is causing the formation of these clusters?