Hodoglugil Dataset

Dr. Mahley was nice enough to share his Turkish and Kyrgyz dataset from the paper Turkish Population Structure and Genetic Ancestry Reveal Relatedness among Eurasian Populations by UÄŸur HodoÄŸlugil and Robert W. Mahley.

It has:

  • 16 Kyrgyz from Bishkek
  • 20 Turks from Aydin
  • 20 Turks from Istanbul
  • 23 Turks from Kayseri

Here are the group averages for the reference 3 K=11 admixture analysis.

And here are the individual results.


  1. Many of the Krygyz have ~2% Onge. Noise or something small but real?

  2. Again the South Asian component is present in every individual.

    • The "South Asian" component is not a South Asia or South Asianness-specific component, it clusters with the "European" and "SW Asian" components, so it is a West Eurasian component rather than South Asian.

      • That makes a lot of sense, I assume this points to a common origin, like you said not necessarily South Asia per se.

      • It is predominantly West-Eurasian with a subsumed ASI fraction among South-Asians, but I think it is entirely West-Eurasian (West Asian specifically) among other mainstream West-Eurasian populations.

    • Also, the "South Asian" component is present in almost every West Eurasian individual except Sardinians and Basques (BTW, Sardinians and Basques both on average have 1% "Onge" component).

  3. By which basis you are saying that?