South Asian PCA 3D Plot

Here's a 3-D plot of my South Asian PCA run, showing the first three principal components.

The principal components have been scaled according to their respective eigenvalues. The plot is rotating about the vertical 1st eigenvector.

You can find out your position on the plot by using the dropdown below the plot and selecting your Harappa ID.


  1. My ID is missing 🙁
    When i want to select it, i cant find it.

    • This is a South-Asian 3D PCA plot, HRP15.

      Anyway, awesome work Zack! The particpants plus all the available reference populations together on one PCA plot makes for great reference.

    • As I mentioned here, this run includes only those whose ref3 admixture results had more than 50% South Asian + Onge.

  2. Hi Zack. Thanks for reply. Will you make a run on gypsies, to elaborate more on their origins?

  3. Cool. Thanks

  4. Awesome 3 D PCA plot, this is quite a amazing tool. Great job Zack!

  5. Hi Zack. Is it possible to make an option; wherein you can choose multiple participants from the drop down bar to be illustrated on the PCA plot?

  6. Hey Zack, I'm wondering if you could update your PCA 3d plot on page 5 with the newer participants? I mean the ones that are HRP0197-HRP0253.

  7. Fascinating studies Zack.
    What is a good reference to learn the science behind these studies ?

  8. Hello Zack,

    I'm wondering if you could possibly update this 3D PCA plot with newer participants?

  9. Zack what are the weights of the constituents of the three principal components ?