Metspalu Dataset Update

Dr. Metspalu, who has been very good about sharing data and information, has informed me about a couple of cases of mislabeling in the Metspalu et al dataset.

Our sample labelled D238 and reported as Tharu is in fact a Brahmin sample from Uttar Pradesh.

Following the publication we have identified that sample evo_32 was erroneously labelled as Kanjar before any genetic analyses. We hereby re-label the sample as belonging to Kol population.

Thus, I have updated the Metspalu admixture results and clustering results.


  1. I appreciate the transparency on the part of both the Metspalu team and yourself and your exchanges with them. Zack, would it be a pain posting individual ADMIXTURE results for the Metspalu et al. populations?

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Is it the same 'Tharu' in the CL4 grouping? I had assumed that that Tharu sample had some Brahman admixture as there are many Tharus who live in very close proximity to us in the Champaran-Gorakhpur area.