Interactive Tree Generation

Anyone know of any software to generate a javascript (or something) tree/dendrogram for the web which is interactive, i.e. branches can be expanded and collapsed and one can search for different nodes.

I want to use it to generate dendrograms including all Harappa participants and individual reference samples. So we are looking at more than 4,000 nodes on the tree.


  1. Zack, I wonder if genbank folks would lend theirs/suggest solutions. I really like the tree view dendogram they implemented in BLAST.

  2. Hi Zack, a bit off-topic, but I was wondering when you're going to post new ADMIXTURE based results for the participants? I vaguely remember you mentioning that you were trying to figure out and playing arou with regards to computing ADMIXTURE results with a component that was a better proxy for ASI than the present K=11 Onge component.

    • I have been working on that. But my life's a bit hectic right now and I also want to do a proper job of creating a new version of Harappa ADMIXTURE component instead of just adding in an ASI component.

      • Ah, I see ;). Family first, indeed. Don't know if you're too far into getting the new ADMIXTURE exercise to work, but if you could somehow incorporate a West Asian-specific and a Northern Europe-specific component, that'd be great. The "South-Asian" component here at K=11 subsumes most of the West Asian admixture; while the "European" component is not very NEU-specific, but also seems to have a cline from North Europe to South Europe. Some of the Southern European references are almost 50-50 EUR-SWA.

  3. This looks like it has potential: