Dataset in Public

I get requests from time to time about sharing my Reference 3 dataset. I use a few datasets which I am not allowed to redistribute, but most of the others are actually public and the main issue is to convert them to plink format and merge them.

I have released code for the conversion already but to make the task even easier I am letting you guys know that I already released a subset of my dataset a long time ago. Razib wrote about it and added the detailed instructions on using that dataset.

So here's the link to the dataset which contains about 30,000 SNPs and almost 4,000 individuals from HapMap, HGDP, SGVP, Behar et al and Xing et al.


  1. I checked the link a few times since Razib post, in the hope you named your new dataset, and put it in the same place. No luck so far.


  2. Thanks, it gives you a better feel for the results when do the analysis yourself. Garvan