Turks and Pathans

Of interest to readers on this weblog: Pathan parahistory.


  1. Nirjhar mukhopadhyay

    Pactean wiki you can check which is the greek mention of the pathans, the pathans are actually successors of the pakth tribe mentioned in the rigvedas 7th books Battle of the ten kings,they were the people who didnt followed the vedic customs. The word pathan is clearly from vedic pakth and their language pastun is clearly from the word pakthun.In other aspects afghan people are not related to the pathans in root but got later in the branches.
    Gd tms.

  2. Nirjhar mukhopadhyay

    Correction: the greek word is pactyan( i miss spelled it) and here is the wiki: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakthas