Harappa Participants Map

Davidski created a Google map of Eurogenes participants and Reiver suggested something similar would be cool for Harappa Ancestry Project too.

So I have copied the idea and created a google map for Harappa Ancestry Project.

View Harappa Ancestry Project in a larger map

Now participants need to go and add themselves to the map at their ancestral location. Here are the instructions:

  1. Login to your Google account. (If you don't have one, you'll have to create one.)
  2. Click Edit button. Do not edit title or description on the left of the map.
  3. Click on Add Placement marker and drag it to the desired location. Choose the most appropriate location for your ancestry.
  4. Put your project ID in the title for the placemark and your ancestry in the description.
  5. Click Save button.

That's it!


  1. Would you suggest that participants put the placement on the area of average ancestry or perhaps just put the placement marker on the area where you trace your paternal line to? I did the latter for Eurogenes, but considering this project is more South-Asian oriented, some specificity would hold water here I suppose. While my parents both belong to the same ethnic group, they are from two different states in India, hence the doubt.

    Also, some of the participants whom I convinced to join the project aren't particularly active (as in not following through the project on a regular basis, at least), so would it be OK if I placed them on the map on their behalf? I am fairly aware of their exact ancestry.

    • If it's half and half from adjacent states, place it in the middle of paternal and maternal I guess.

      Don't do that though if you are half British and half South Indian, for example.

      I would appreciate if you would put placemarks only for people you have permission from.

      • Great, will do.

        "I would appreciate if you would put placemarks only for people you have permission from."

        No problem.

  2. BTW, just to be explicit (for those that aren't aware of this), you don't have to create a GMail account to have a Google account. You can use any e-mail to create a Google account.

  3. Somebody keeps editing out the description of my spot on the map, argh!