April Update

I have a total of 97 participants in the project right now who have sent me their raw data. Six of those have relatives participating and thus have to be filtered out for most analysis other than individual admixture percentages etc where I divide participants into small groups.http://mountainsphoto.ru

The following groups are represented:

Let's try to get to hundred soon.

And yes, I am accepting FTDNA Family Finder (new Illumina chip) now.


  1. Do u consider the chance of anyone giving false info about his ancestors? Or maybe he doesn't know?

    PS: BTW, when will u run the next Admmixture? I am the one who recently submitted it šŸ™‚

    • Ancestry info is useful and I encourage everyone to provide it. But I have accepted submissions without it and am also willing not to make it public if a participant wants it that way.

      As for providing false info, I rely on the honor system. There is no rational reason to provide wrong info. So I don't expect it. Plus you guys have to have a lot more trust in me to share your data with me.

      I expect to post results for the 10th batch by the end of the week.

  2. Aren't there 3 Biharis in the project? The latest Bihari Muslim and then the Bihari Brahmin and Kayastha. There are now 10 Tamil-speaking Brahmins in the project, the most well represented Brahmins in the project so far. We almost have as many T.N Brahmins as the Xing et al data-set has (14). In light of that, I look forward to a region specific analysis with the appropriate data-set individuals included in the same for either the Tamil speakers of the Punjabi speaking participants. Do you think a pan-NW Indian or a pan-South Indian analysis will be more fruitful for an overall comparison considering that we do have a scattering of Sindhis, Rajasthanis, Telugus, Kannadigas, Keralites and the like + a substantial amount of Punjabis and Tamils? As an aside, would you be aware of HRP51's exact caste background? The SW Asian and SE Asian seem quite interesting. Also, HRP45's a mystery.

    • The 3rd one from Bihar is HRP0098 while I wrote this post when we had 97 participants.

      HRP0051 has mixed South Asian ancestry. I think I am going to remove "UP" from her ethnic description. Details of background are not known to me unfortunately.

      As for the mystery, I do accept submissions without public ancestral info.

      I am looking at regional analyses. I know I promised them some time ago but right now I am tweaking the reference so we can get maximum Admixture info out.

      • Well, I don't mean to call them out or anything, but their (HRP0045) admixture figures do indicate a South Indian origin. You're doing a stellar job with the ADMIXTURE tweaking, so the regional analyses can wait. Hopefully, more people from the well-represented regions submit their raw-data meanwhile to make the regional analysis more worthwhile in terms of numbers.