Xing Redo

As part of my effort to create one big reference dataset for my use, I have been going over all the datasets I have and make sure there's no duplicates or relatives or any other strange things that could cause issues with my analysis.

So I went back to the Xing et al dataset, which you can download from their website.

I found no duplicates within the Xing et al data but there are 259 samples common from the HapMap. Since they are not assigned any family IDs they will pass through the ped files without being merged into HapMap samples. So you need to remove any samples with IDs starting with "NA".

Xing et al also contains 6 duplicates from HGDP with completely different IDs and two Xing samples look to be related to HGDP samples.

There are also three pairs with very high identity-by-descent values, which I calculated using Plink. You can see the samples with PI_HAT greater than 0.5 in this spreadsheet. PI_HAT is the proportion IBD estimated by plink. Notice also that all these pairs also have high IBS similarity (the DSC column), more than 85% similar.

The samples I have removed as a result of this (other than HapMap) are listed in this spreadsheet.

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