Reference 3 Admixture Data

Onur asked:

BTW, Zack, are you planning to publish (in this blog or in a medium like Rapidshare) the ADMIXTURE results of the reference populations on an individual by individual basis like Dienekes?

So, I have uploaded a zip file which contains admixture results from K=2 to K=17 for all individual samples in the Reference 3 dataset. Do note that K=14 had the lowest crossvalidation error and I actually prefer even lower values of K.

I have plotted the population averages on the blog but this contains the individual level data. There are two files for each value of K. One is ref3.K.Q which has the admixture proportions for each individual. The other is ref3.K.F which has the allele frequencies for the inferred ancestral components. I haven't been able to look at the allele frequency files at all, so if you find anything interesting there, do let me know.

There is also a info file (


) in the archive which has the information about the samples in the same order as their results are listed in the admixture output.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is always interesting to see how uniform sample populations are. I spotted quite a few outliers in the new populations.

  2. Thanks again for doing such a helpful work. Your diligence for your works is admirable.