Admixture K=12, HRP0081-HRP0090

Here are their ethnic backgrounds and the results spreadsheet. Also relevant are the reference I admixture results.

If you can't see the interactive bar chart above, here's a static image.

The two new Assyrians (HRP0081 & HRP0082) are pretty similar to the earlier Assyrian participant HRP0010.

HRP0087 is an interesting case with ancestry from France, Martinique, Madagascar and India. I can't be certain but the ratio of South Asian to Balochistan/Caucasus components seems to point in the direction of northern Indian ancestry. I definitely need to do a supervised admixture run for the mixed participants.

HRP0089 is Kazakh and has one-third Siberian component. That's higher than Uygurs (21%) and Uzbeks (23%) in my reference set. HRP0089 also has little bit more European component than the average Uygur or Uzbek in my reference.

PS. This was run using Admixture version 1.04.


  1. The South Asian component is said to be a mix of ANI and ASI. After the emergence of the Baloch/Cauc component at k=12 does the South Asian component become more identifiable with ASI?