Admixture K=12, HRP0071-HRP0080

Here are their ethnic backgrounds and the results spreadsheet. Also relevant are the reference I admixture results.

If you can't see the interactive bar chart above, here's a static image.

Since I don't have any Native American samples in my reference populations, the Brazilian participant (HRP0074) shows up as having Northeast Asian and Siberian.

PS. This was run using Admixture version 1.04.


  1. Hi, are you interest in a western European Brazilian with a slice of Chinese from Macau? Best, Antonio.

  2. Congratulations on your project! Also, your web page is one of the most beautiful/well designed I ever came across: Very elegant!

  3. Vasishta (HRP0072)

    Hm, quite interesting that I have a bit of all of the East Eurasian components-

    SE Asian - 1%
    NE Asian - 1%
    Siberian - 1%
    Papuan - 1%

    Thanks a ton for processing my data Zack! Looking forward to the rest of the results, as well :-)!

    • I have my doubts about how much to trust these results when the parent populations are so closely related and the amounts of each are so small. They are probably not statistically significant.

  4. Harappa Maps | Harappa Ancestry Project - pingback on April 6, 2011 at 6:50 am

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