23andme Sale

23andme is having the DNA Day sale early.

Monday April 11, 2011, they are selling the kits for FREE with a $9/month 1 year commitment. So basically a total of $108. This is compared to $199 + $9/month (=$307) regular price. It's even less than the Christmas sale (assuming you cancel subscription after a year).почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

The sale is on midnight Pacific time tonight (3am Eastern time or 7am GMT) and will end April 11 11:59pm Pacific time (2:59am Eastern time or 6:59am GMT April 12).

Spread the word and get people to participate in our Harappa Project too.


  1. Wow - that's a really good deal.

  2. You should have a Marāthā on board in good time :).

  3. Yup this is good , got myself 5 more kits.

  4. I ordered 5 kits and got another 12 of my friends to order too... All Indians... We need more data from the people of Indian sub continent...

    • Very awesome that you managed to convince 12 people to get themselves a 23andMe kit! I wasn't even able to convince one relative :(.

      Indeed we need more people to join this project, Zack is producing results to such an extent which no other project has done.

      • Oh yes, the sale is officially over - he new price is $99 + $9/month, which is still far cheaper than the original $499, and the more recent $199.

        • Yeah, that is still an impressive price, considering that the popular holiday sale was $99 + $5/month.

    • Cool! Hope they all send me their data in 6 weeks. 🙂