Harappa Participant Admixture Maps

Following maps of the reference populations, Simranjit has gone ahead and included the Harappa Project participants in these maps as well.

Here's what he said:

I'm now incorporating project participants into the maps. I had to drop admixed individuals, however, and I made some choices, dropped the Bihari Kayastha and the Tamil Nadu non-Brahmin for now, as they differ a fair bit. Take note that as we don't have reference sample for some countries so this sometimes can cause the interpolation to be off (e.g. lack of Central Asian republics other than Uzbekistan is skewing Central Asia to be more South Asian than it really is).

These maps are based on K=12 admixture run.

The gradation is from Dark green (low) to Dark red (high) for most of them.

Basically the percentages for each Component are divided into 32 equal intervals, to create the contour effect. Take note that it represents relative values not absolute.

C1 South Asian component:

C2 Balochistan/Caucasus component:

C6 European component:


  1. amit narain sinha

    Hi I am a bihari srivastava kayastha and it is said even on some pakistan websites that the ancestors of srivastava came from shrivastu which is now known as swat valley of pakistan nwfp.

    and we do not fit the varna or caste patterns of hindu four fold division. all are literate and maybe there can be a connection with the educated elite of the Indus and saraswati valleys

    • Shrivastava = Shri Vastavya or Sri vatthava (Pali), ie honored resident.
      Swat = Su + vastu or good residence.

      Vastavyas are noted on many Kalachurya, Chandella, Gahadavala and other period inscriptions as their authors.

  2. Hi amit , what kinda of geographic position would be the ideal for placing the bihari kayastha? Where are the majority of them located in india ?