End of March Update

I have a total of 67 participants in the project right now who have sent me their raw data. This is not counting those who have relatives participating and thus have to be filtered out for most analysis other than individual admixture percentages etc where I divide participants into small groups.http://polvam.ru

The following groups are represented:

I need to post analyses of Tamils, Bengalis and Punjabis soon.


  1. Zack, I just re-counted and we have 14 linguistically Tamil folks in the project. I think you forgot to take into account;

    - The Hebbar (Karnataka) Iyengar. While the Hebbar Iyengars live in Karnataka, they are essentially Tamil speaking, although they have a distinct dialect of Brahmanical Tamil, namely Hebbar Iyengar Tamil.

    - The part Sri Lankan and part Telegu individual. He is paternally a Vellalar, who are an agriculturalist Tamil caste.

    Are the other three Tamils related to either one of the 14 Tamils?

    • Here I used state to categorize. Also made some decisions about mixed ancestry. You can always look at the ethnic breakdown sheet for the details.

      There are definitely more Tamil speakers than I counted here since these are from Tamil Nadu.

      I'll include all Tamil speakers in my Tamil analysis. I might even add any other individuals who are close to them in PCA or admixture results.

  2. zack, for the new punjabis , could you enquire as to which tribe/caste they belong to.

  3. I have a question
    Are there indo-aryan speaking groups from south india (I.E dravidic India) included in this project.
    If there are, please tell the name of that group
    Thank you for your attention