Admixture K=17 maps: Mediterranean and Southwest Asian

From the Reference I K=17 Admixture results, Simranjit has created more isopleth maps.

Mediterranean component:

Southwest Asian component:


  1. SW asian peaks in saudis and the bedouins. How closely linked culturally are they?

  2. That's really amazing to visualise and conceptualise them, great stuff S.

    I would imagine the Saudis and Bedouins are fairly linked, particularly the Nejdis.

  3. Yes, great work, Simranjits.

    Were the Mizrahi Jews included this time? I ask because the SW Asian map appears to capture the Middle East as I would expect it to exist prior to the second half of the 1st millennium CE.

  4. It is interesting to note the Armenians elevated med component as compared to it's neighbours.

    • You make an interesting point. And it actually goes back to my observation as well. The Armenians, like the Mizrahi Jews, are antique populations.
      Populations with K=17 Med values similar to the Armenians:

      Armenians 39%
      Iraq Jews 39%
      Georgia Jews 39%
      Italian 39%

      I should also add that I do not believe the genetic center of the Armenian genome is best represented by its modern geographical borders. Armenia, for centuries, encompassed massive swaths of the Anatolian lands to the west.

  5. humayun luwi libi

    The southwesterm asian component matches marvelously with the afrasan languages dispersal!

  6. humayun luwi libi

    the southwestern asian component matches very well with a scenario of afrasan languages from southwestern asia

  7. humayun luwi libi

    "a scenario of afrasan languages' dispersal from southwestern asia"

  8. humayun luwi libi

    I think there are some mistakes in the southwestern asian component map.
    In dodecad the tested algerians, tunisians and moroccans had more than 20% southwestern asia!

    • Dodecad and harrapan south west asian components aren't comparable(also they are at different ancestral k's). We also don't have algerians or tunisians in the reference sample. Morrocans are supposed to be inside however i seem to have missed them. I will include them in future maps.

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