Admixture K=12, HRP0061-HRP0070

Here are their ethnic backgrounds and the results spreadsheet. Also relevant are the reference I admixture results.

If you can't see the interactive bar chart above, here's a static image.

I dare you to generalize!

PS. This was run using Admixture version 1.04.


  1. The Uttar Pradesh Brahmin individuals have similar admixture proportions to the other North Western sub continental participants.

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  3. What is HRP0051's specific caste? In contrast to the Bihari Kayastha, the UP Kayashta is fairly similar in terms of both admixture results and PCA clustering. I wonder what would explain this..

  4. * In terms of both admixture results and PCA clustering to the Indo-Gangetic Hindi belt Brahmins.

  5. Some interesting new participants you have - the Bhatia Rajput, the Hebbar Iyengar and the Khatri Punjabi/Sindhi especially are interesting. Can't wait for your new batch of K=4/9/12 analyses!

    BTW Zack, is the Punjabi part of your ancestry prior to Islam, Rajput as well? Going by the last names you listed at 23andMe you do seem to be a Punjabi Rajput.

    • Indeed lot of interesting enw participants , btw how do you know the punjabi is khatri?

      As for bhatti , it is also very closely linked to jatts as well, there are overlaps between rajputs and several jatt clans . I'm not sure about bhopal though.

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