Admixture K=12, HRP0051-HRP0060

Here are their ethnic backgrounds and the results spreadsheet. Also relevant are the reference I admixture results.

If you can't see the interactive bar chart above, here's a static image.

Look at how different the two Gujaratis are. Also, the Iraqi Kurd is more like our Iranian participants than the two Iraqi Arab participants.

PS. This was run using Admixture version 1.04.


  1. guju 58 has a very high south asian

    • Wow, that's equal to HRP0031's South Asian, who was originally the participants with the highest SA score.

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  3. would make sense on the Iraq Kurd clustering with the Iranians..

    Data like the Gujarati probably needs to be clarified with more background to make sense since its clustering with the South Indian ethnicities, was there any back-migration into Gujarati. Could it possibly be tribals (I know there are some in Gujarat, all over the Sub-continent probably).


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