Admixture K=12, HRP0011-HRP0020

Here are their ethnic backgrounds and the results spreadsheet. Also relevant are the reference I admixture results and this batch's results at lower K.

Batch 2 Admixture K=12

PS. This was run using Admixture version 1.04.


  1. Would be great if HRP012 can further elaborate on what Punjabi group he/she belongs to. I Find his results interesting as he has similar components except markedly lower european( 7 % as compared to 12-15%) and higher south asian. The rest of the punjabis (brahmin or otherwise) are very alike.

    • I owe you information on HRP0012 from before. 🙂 I know that HRP0012's parents were from Rawalpindi and Gurdaspur/Jammu. I'll try to find out more.

      • Not so much as where they are from , but their tribal affiliation , like are they khatris? kambojs or tarkhans etc. It would be interesting to know, because we havent seen much variation in the european component of the punjabis so far.

  2. In my case (HRP0016), the introduction of Pakistani/Caucasian component has caused the following changes:
    1) Subsumed most of the Kalash component
    2) Lost two points of South Asian and two points of European
    3) Lost all SW Asian.

    • The Kalash is now mostly a Kalash only component. I don't think anyone else has it more than about 5% or so.

      The Southwest Asian component has gone down to single digits for almost every South Asian at K=12.

  3. i have pakistani/caucasian at 22% and lost my kalash only 2% now....

  4. I am HRP0020.

    I appear to have more Kalash and European components than the other Iranian results so far. I was quite surprised by the former.

    For the record, I am North Iranian (half Azeri half Persian).

    • It's possible the Azeri ancestry is what's giving you the higher European. Need to check if I know anything more than "Iranian" about the other Iranian participants and if they have given me permission to disclose that. If so, it would be interesting to see if there is a gradient or a discontinuity from South Asia to West Asia.

      The Kalash component I wouldn't care much about right now, it's in the low single digits, so differences between say 3% and 5% are probably just random noise.

      • Bearing in mind half my ancestry is from the western-most corner of Iran, it is interesting to see the results confirm the discrepancy I noted through 23andMe's Compare Genes feature. I do not match Anatolian Turks and Assyrians as well as most other Iranians seem to. We are seeing this again, to an extent, here through my results (more S. Asian, more European, less Pakistani-Caucasian relative to the others).

        I am anticipating the Khorasani Iranian's results, as mine seem to be more in-line with what an Eastern Iranian should have.

  5. I would like to share the chart i made here

    I don't know about you guys but viewing in a more geographic context seems to make more sense to me.