Participation Update

I have a total of 23 participants in the project right now who have sent me their raw data. The following groups are represented:

  • Punjab: 7
  • Tamil: 4
  • Iran: 3
  • Bengal: 2
  • Andhra Pradesh: 2
  • Bihar: 1
  • Anglo-Indian: 1
  • Roma: 1
  • Karnataka: 1
  • Kashmir: 1

There is still a lot of ethnicities and regions missing. Uttar Pradesh comes to mind as the biggest one.


  1. Are you going to wait for more people before putting out your first set of results?

    • I am analyzing the participants in batches of 10. So I have two full batches now. I should have the first results posted tomorrow night.

      • Guess I got a long wait then, I was ID 24. Thanks for the updates.

        • The first batch is taking a lot of time because I want to check a few things and experiment with different parameters to get a better idea. Later batches will be much faster.

          Oh and another reason for the delay is that I messed up with my code somewhere and didn't realize it till the weekend and had to redo a lot of the stuff I had already done.

  2. cool. looking forward to the first results. what can we expect?

    • At first, admixture percentages of participants from different ancestral populations. Then there'll be more analysis, including clustering into groups etc.

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