Participants So Far

While I am analyzing the data, checking for errors and making sure the results I am getting are valid, here is some information about participants till now.

So far I have got 11 participants send me their raw data. Of these eleven, ten have some South Asian ancestry.

The regions/ethnicities they cover are:

  • Punjab
  • Bengal
  • Bihar
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telegu
  • Anglo-Indian

Of these, Punjabis are the only ones I have multiple samples of. So I definitely need more samples of the other ethnicities. And there are lots of ethnicities/regions I haven't gotten any participants in.

It would be great for this project if we got a few participants from each state/province of India and Pakistan. So if you know someone who is from our target regions and has tested with 23andme, please spread the word.

If you tested with 23andme during their Christmas sale, I am hearing that results are going to start coming in starting today.


  1. you'll get a sindhi pakistani and a kayastha from UP at some point when the data comes in. also, an iranian sample will come in in feb. at some point.

  2. Till when will you be accepting submissions? I plan to submit my data, but I'd like a few days to look at the data myself before I send it to anyone else! I tested with 23andme during the Christmas sale, so I should get my results soon.

  3. I never tested for 23andme but to quote Barrack Obama I'd end up a "hopeless mutt"..

    Probably it would have been more useful to test my two living maternal grandparents and my father.

    Anyway I hope it works and perhaps Pakistan is due a relabelling; how does Harrapastan sound?

    • It would be fun to have grandparents do it. Mine are unfortunately dead.

      As for Harappastan, I am done with Stan. 🙂

  4. Hi Zack,
    Segregating/labeling the samples based on caste background would also help in analyzing the origins and closeness of certain castes. It'd be very useful if you did so, both in this post and the analyses to come from your side.

    • I didn't put too many details here because I have too few samples. So they could be identifiable.

      I do plan on doing analysis by region and/or caste provided the number of samples per region/caste is feasible.

  5. As soon as Dec. 25th batch is analyzed, you'll get an Andra Pradesh.

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