HarappaWorld on GEDmatch

The HarappaWorld Admixture calculator is now available on GEDmatch.

You can compute:

  • Admixture Proportions
  • Admixture Proportions by Chromosome
  • Chromosome Painting
  • Paint differences between 2 kits, 1 chromosome
  • Paint differences between 2 kits, 22 chromosomes, reduced size

You do have to upload your genetic data to GEDmatch to use it.

If you are a Harappa participant and try GEDmatch too, please let me know if there's any difference between your admixture results.

UPDATE: Now you can even get your HarappaWorld Oracle results after getting the admixture results, thanks to John.

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  1. Hello Zack,
    In my case, there is no difference between the project results vs results from Gedmatch. The block reduction algorithm is very fast!

    • Same. Most figures as far as DIY vs. GEDmatch are concerned were very close, and some of the components' percentage exact.