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I got back yesterday. Due to jetlag and things that accumulated during my absence, it'll take me a few days to get back to regular posting here.ir-leasing.ru

I got about 12 data submissions during my vacation. I'll send everyone their Harappa IDs by tomorrow. If you haven't received an ID from me by Thursday morning, drop me an email to remind me.rpk-tramplin.ru

I have 2 batches of ten to process for Admixture results. I hope to post those by the end of the week but can't make any promises.

If you sent me an email in the last month that required a response, I will try to reply soon. If you haven't heard from me by July 11, please remind me.

Thanks, Razib, for your guest blogging.


I am going on vacation. Unfortunately, the rush of work before a vacation means that I haven't been able to finish the analysis of ASI (Ancestral South Indian) that I wanted to present before going.

Since the only computer I am taking with me is my daughter's netbook, I don't expect to work much on the Harappa Ancestry Project during that time.

I will have Internet access, so I might write some. However, there will not be any new analyses of participants. Also, I am more likely to post a travelogue on my regular blog.

In the meantime, I have Razib lined up as guest blogger here. Hopefully, you guys will have some good discussions.

I encourage people to keep sending me their 23andme or FTDNA data which I'll analyze as soon as I am back.

I expect to be back working on the project at the start of July.