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Harappa Participants Haplogroups

All the ancestry analysis here has been based on the autosomal genome (i.e., the SNPs on chromosomes 1-22) and not on the sex chromosomes X and Y or the mitochondrial DNA. The reason is basically that the autosome provides information about your overall ancestry.

Since the Y chromosome is inherited only from father to son, it is useful for finding out about your paternal line. Similarly, mitochondrial DNA is inherited from mother to child, so that's good for information on the maternal line. Note however that the paternal and maternal lines are not the sum total of your ancestry. In fact, it is quite possible to have very different mtDNA or Y-DNA ancestry compared to your whole genome.

Anyway, many people are interested in paternal (Y-DNA) haplogroups and maternal (mtDNA) haplogroups. AV requested information on the haplogroups of Harappa Project participants and SB created a spreadsheet where project participants can enter their paternal and maternal haplogroups. I am also pulling that information into my Harappa Participants Ethnicity spreadsheet.

If you tested with 23andme, here are the links to their maternal and paternal haplogroup pages.

Now go ahead and enter your information in the haplogroups spreadsheet.

You might also want to take a look at the Harappa Participants Map.

UPDATE: Please be considerate of others' privacy. Only disclose someone else's information (haplogroups, location, or anything else) if you have explicit permission to do so. Thanks!