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Improved Admixture Bar Charts

I have improved the Admixture bar charts further. As per your demands, ethnicity information is now available in a table right below the bar plot, in the same order as the bar plot IDs.

Also, you can click on any of the legend color rectangles on the right to sort the bar chart and the table by that ancestral component. Similarly, click on the header row of the table to sort by a column.

I might make some minor tweaks to this one.

Google Charts

Here's a chart using Google Visualization API.

In case you are wondering, the individuals are ordered by the sum of their South Asian, Pakistan/Caucasian and Kalash component percentages.

If it works well for everyone, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari on Windows, Linux, iOS or Mac OS, then I'll start using these interactive bar charts instead of the ones I have been creating in R. These just use the data from the spreadsheet directly.

I am also looking into interactive scatter plots for the PCA plots, but I am not sure if it will handle a lot of data points without running your computer into the ground.

The Google Visualization API also has a geographical map feature using flash. There is also a static map chart which I am looking into.