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Pagani East African Dataset

Pagani et al analyzed Ethiopian genetics in their paper "Ethiopian Genetic Diversity Reveals Linguistic Stratification and Complex Influences on the Ethiopian Gene Pool". Their dataset consisting of Ethiopians and a few other East African populations is available online.

I have analyzed the Pagani dataset with my HarappaWorld admixture calculator and included the results in my regular spreadsheet.

The group (weighted mean) results are also shown in the usual interactive bar chart below. You can click on the component labels to sort by that ancestral component.

Because the East African component as computed in HarappaWorld is maximum among the Maasai and several of the Pagani dataset populations have a higher percentage of that component, we should be a bit careful with interpreting the HarappaWorld results for the Pagani groups. I'll likely include them in my next iteration of the admixture calculator.

Henn Duplicates

As part of my effort to create one big reference dataset for my use, I have been going over all the datasets I have and make sure there's no duplicates or relatives or any other strange things that could cause issues with my analysis.

So I went back to the Henn et al dataset, which you can download from their website.

There are 107 samples common from the HapMap (IDs start with NA) and 131 from HGDP (IDs start with HGDP).

Henn et al has two PED files. One for the Khoisan data and one for all Africa 55k SNP set. Unfortunately they have 31 San duplicated in both these PED files with same individual IDs but different family IDs (SAN and SAN_SA). So they do not get automatically merged per Plink procedures. Just remove all the ones with SAN_SA FID since they have fewer SNPs. All the IBD info etc is in this spreadsheet.