Reference 3 Population Concordance

Dienekes had come up with a population concordance ratio which compared the IBS similarity percentages of a trio of individuals to compute the probability that two individuals from population A are more similar to each other than either is to any individual in population B.

Please note that

If two populations can be perfectly distinguished, then their population concordance ratio is 1. If however we randomly divide a set of individuals into two populations and try to calculate the population concordance ratio, we'll find it to be 0.25. It is possible for this ratio to be as low as zero.

If the concordance ratio between two populations is low, that does not necessarily mean that they are very similar. It's possible that a population does not form a tight cluster and has a lot of variation and thus is not distinguishable from another.

Now, here's the spreadsheet for the concordance ratios. You can focus on the South Asian population pairs here.

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