Reference 3 Admixture K=2

UPDATE: With fixed Reference 3.

Let's start with some admixture analysis with our new reference 3 dataset.

Here's the results spreadsheet for K=2 (i.e. two ancestral populations).

You can click on the legend to the right of the bar chart to sort by different ancestral components.

Fst divergences between estimated populations for K=2:
C2 0.168

With the increase in the number of groups to more than 160, the bar chart has gotten too busy and is hard to figure out. Any suggestions to improve its readability? I have two ideas: One is to have a dropdown menu to select regions and thus have separate charts for each region. The other, which I like better, is to show only the top 50 groups for the ancestral component you are sorting by. Any other ideas are welcome.


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