Changes due to San/Pygmy Removal

As mentioned earlier, I removed San and Pygmy groups from my reference datasets.

For the admixture runs on Reference Dataset I, the only major changes are for K=2 ancestral components where most European, Middle Eastern and South/Central Asian groups increase their African component. The changes for K=3,4,5 were minor as shown by these statistics:

K Median Abs Maximum Abs
3 0.01% 0.22%
4 0.02% 0.26%
5 0.02% 0.71%

I have updated the spreadsheet and the plots in the original post.

Looking at the changes in the admixture results I already posted for Harappa Project participants HRP0001 to HRP0010, there is major change for K=2. The African compoent (C1/red) increased by a lot among all project participants. This seems to be due to the African component best representing West Africans now instead of Pygmies as it did before.

For K=3,4,5, the changes are very minor. Let's look at the absolute value of the changes in the percentages of ancestral components for the ten project participants.

K Median Abs Maximum Abs
3 0.05% 0.19%
4 0.05% 0.22%
5 0.09% 0.60%

I have updated the spreadsheets and the charts in the original post.

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