23andme v3 Data

The results from 23andme's new version 3 chip started coming in yesterday and I have already got three samples of the new chip.

I counted 966,977 SNPs on the new chip. It seems to have about 547,000 SNPs in common with version 2 (which had about 578,000). Also, the version 3 data has about 230,000 SNPs in common with my reference dataset (out of a total of 241,000). Which is a long way of saying that the v3 data is very usable for my project.

Therefore, if you are from South Asia or neighboring countries and got your spanking new results, please participate and send your data over.


  1. 23andMe v3 chip & me | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine - pingback on January 26, 2011 at 5:45 am

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